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Through the Lens of Mental Health

Watch our new video series: 'Through the Lens of Mental Health' and join us as we learn from professionals' and patients' journeys with schizophrenia.

From their different perspectives, people whose lives have been profoundly affected by schizophrenia tell of their experiences. 

A mother who cares for her son reveals how sharing and trust can bring unexpected closeness. Her son describes his journey from utter desolation to relative health and independence. His motto: if you’re going through hell keep going, and things will get better. Another man’s paranoia drove him literally to the edge of the cliff. But he dragged himself back and is now in recovery.

A doctor talks about how connecting with a person is at the heart of the collaborative struggle towards healing. For the psychiatric nurse, the key is never stop hoping, and never stop sharing that hope. For the psychiatrist who works on the streets, it is also in providing unconditional understanding and support. 

1. At the Centre

Episode 1/6
Being diagnosed with schizophrenia is a challenging time for patients, their friends and families. During this film, Dr Heres explains the role of social interaction in schizophrenia care and how reliable support structures can improve patient outcomes.

PIMRC Series: Through the Lens of Mental Health. At the Centre

2. Beyond the Dark

Episode 2/6
Janet is both a mother and a carer to her son Mark, someone recovering from schizophrenia. Mark was first admitted when he was alone in America. Watch this short film to discover more about how Janet and Mark maintained their strong bond in this story of family, faith and community.

PIMRC Series: Through the Lens of Mental Health. Beyond the Dark

3. Recovering

Episode 3/6
In this portrait we hear from Mark about his journey as a person affected by schizophrenia. After battling against schizophrenia for 6 years, discover how Mark overcame his challenges by sharing his problems and working with others.

PIMRC Series: Through the Lens of Mental Health. Recovering

4. Side by Side

Episode 4/6
Not in front of you, not behind you, but side by side. Psychiatric nurse Birgitte Wandschneider has cared for people with schizophrenia living in prison and on the streets. She has worked on early intervention with the young. Her door is always open. There is always hope in her heart.

PIMRC Series: Through the Lens of Mental Health. Side by Side

5. Through My Eyes

Episode 5/6
Living with schizophrenia has many complex challenges. In this emotive portrait, a person living with schizophrenia, Clive, shares his own personal journey with us and some of the difficulties he has overcome.

PIMRC Series: Through the Lens of Mental Health. Through My Eyes

6. With Understanding

Episode 6/6
Charlotte is a ‘street psychiatrist’. In this short film, she reminds us of the social stigma associated with schizophrenia. Shining a spotlight on some of the issues stigma can cause pre and post diagnosis and providing us with deep insight into the lives of those affected by schizophrenia.

PIMRC Series: Through the Lens of Mental Health. With Understanding
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